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Ambiance is owned/operated by Leonard Knoll, an experienced painter, handyman, and technologist. Service area is Lanark County and surrounds. You can expect good equipment and materials, proper preparation and techniques, and attention to detail.
References supplied upon request.

Ambiance pays income tax on its annual revenue, but the only tax you will pay is the retail tax on the materials purchased for your job. Ambiance also passes on its contractor discounts to you.

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You and Ambiance figure out an agreeable start date for the job. That start date will be clearly shown on your Quote. Sometimes a job can start very soon if there is a close empty timeslot.

If there are no immediate empty timeslots then your job will be put in the next closest empty timeslot. If the queue of jobs is completely full then your job will come right after the last job. But it can also be assigned to a timeslot any time after the last job if you wish (weeks, months, or even a year later!).

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Outdoor work usually starts on time, but if there is
a delay you will be informed as soon as possible. Usually there will be no work on rainy days. If there is a lot of bad weather, your job may be pushed
into the next customer's timeslot. Then all outdoor jobs are pushed out together to finish your job.

If your job has a certain cutoff date (due to
some particular event)
then you must book well ahead of the event, else the job might not get
done before the event due to weather delays.

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8-24hrs after a free no-obligation onsite asessment you'll receive a professional detailed itemized Quote and a List of Materials which are uncluttered and extremely easy to understand.

Materials must be paid for before labour starts. Ambiance acquires the materials and brings them
to the job. The materials belong to you and you'll receive copies of the retail purchase receipts. The prices on your Materials List are the actual retail
costs at the time the list was created.

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Experienced and knowledgeable free advice is gladly given about designs, procedures, materials, finishes, colours, colour coordinating, etc.
Visualization aids are gladly provided, such as colour chips/fandecks, colour boards & wall patches, drawings, and computer simulations (separate charge for simulations).

FREE instant computerized colour matching

can be done based on any of your existing
surfaces (interior or exterior), or images, etc.

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The usual method of payments for materials and labour is by E-TRANSFER, but cheques or cash are also accepted. You will be issued a Final Invoice at the end of the job. If a big job takes multiple weeks, then one or more interim invoices may be issued before the Final Invoice.

The preferred method of communicating is by EMAIL and/or TXTMSG, but phoning is fine. Frequent communicating is good to make sure things get done just the way you want.

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Mon-Fri, 9:30am to 4:30pm. That 7hr work window can be altered if required, and it includes setup and cleanup. There is a 1/2hr(max) lunch at ≈1pm, and two 10min(max) breaks each day. Bad weather or some delays may necessitate weekend work.

Work can continue when you are not there for hours, days, or weeks. Work is carried out steadily, quietly, and efficiently. If music is played, it will be through earbuds or headphones, or very relaxing music played openly but very quietly.

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Ambiance has just about every tool, machine, and accessory your project will require and will bring it to the job in a customized trailer. Sometimes large expensive capital items (such as articulated lifts) have to be rented.

Certain brand names of paints, varnishes, stains, sealants, and cleaners are preferred (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, MinWax, Varathane, etc), but you can specify whatever brand(s) you wish, or supply your own.

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Your home, property and belongings will be respected and treated with care. In addition to that, Ambiance is LIABILITY INSURED.

You do not have to be present for hours, days or weeks for work to continue. If you can't be there, Ambiance will always lock up at the end of the work day, leaving the lights, doors, windows, thermostat, etc, the way you want.

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