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Black Forest cottage.
Strip and recoat buildings & deck staining black forest cottage

Cottage maintenance & repainting Stripping cottage outbuilding

Cedar log cottage. Interior repaint,
and exterior strip/recoat Stripping & staining cedar cottage

Basement/Livingroom interior repaint,
kitchen sink replacement. Interior repaint, kitchen sink replacement

Newbuild with vaulted ceiling greatroom. Newbuild with vaulted ceiling

Light custom carpentry,
both practical and decorative. Finished kayak rack

Restorations Restoring damaged wood items

Beautiful tin ceiling on old farmhouse restored. Old tin ceiling restored to its former beauty

Staining of second floor deck,
and ceiling repairs/repainting. Deck after spray staining

Replacing of old corroded screen storm doors. Screen storm doors after replacement

Ceiling and wall repairs Repair to textured ceiling